Hayley Martin

Hayley was born on the 5th of December, 2008. Induced at 36 weeks due to a lack of amniotic fluid, it was first though that her issues were a result of her being early. However, it did not take long before it became evident that something far more serious was wrong and thus, at 2 months of age, Hayley was diagnosed with SLO.

At the time, Hayley slept constantly, had no suck reflex, poor muscle tone, severe vomiting, some mild heart and kidney malformations and toe syndactyly between the 2nd and 3rd toes. She also had some of the obvious SLO facial characteristics such as a small head, small upturned nose and droopy eyelids.

Hayley is now 14 months old and is doing extremely well considering the diagnosis. She is classified as mild and is doing more now than we ever expected. At about 10 months of age she began rolling and sitting up and only a couple of weeks ago she began crawling! She is also quite talkative and can say Mum and Dad!

Hayley’s biggest issue is the feeding difficulties that so many of our SLO kiddies seem to suffer from. She has very little orally and is on continuous PEG feeds. She vomits constantly and in recent months has not gained any weight.

The most important thing we focus on is that, despite all that Hayley goes through, she is just so happy! She plays with toys, gives the best hugs, kisses and smiles and we love her more than words can say.