Cody Bagley

My name is Cody and Mom and Dad keep telling me what an amazing little guy I am. Guess I’m not little anymore, I am 14 years old and going strong. Hardly what the doctors predicted for me when I was born and spent the first 3 months of my life in the hospital. I had a pretty smart doctor who recognized some of my “unique features” and had me tested for SLO right away. Mom thinks he saved my life because I was started on Cholesterol when I was just days old. I don’t remember much of the medical stuff back then but know no one had much hope of me ever leaving the hospital. God and I knew better. I still had lots to accomplish.

Leave the hospital I did – with some new stuff – like a g-tube & colostomy – both of which I still have. For the first 2 years of my life I lived in many different medically fragile foster homes. Then along came my crazy family who fell in love with me when they first laid eyes on me and adopted me at age 2. Guess I was quite a charmer, even at age 2! To make a long story short we are a great team – my Mom and Dad and my 2 older sisters and brother. Everyone says I’m spoiled rotten by all of them but I just think I’m loved a lot. I did a good job of training my family in all things SLOS – they’d never heard of it before me and together we are still learning the ropes.

There are plenty of things that I haven’t yet mastered like eating, walking, talking & sleeping thru the night (Mom and Dad sure gripe about that a lot)…but I’m certainly an overachiever when it comes to giving love and teaching others about unconditional love (at least that’s what Mom says). For a kiddo who can’t communicate I sure seem to find a way to get what I want and I think that’s pretty amazing myself. I love time on Mom’s lap, strange noises and right now I think chewing on washcloths is about the best thing in the world. Life is good and I’m sure I’ll do some other things that my family will make a big fuss about down the road, but I like to do things in my own time that’s okay with them.