The SLO/RSH Foundation relies on the generosity of monetary donations to fund all activities which focus around family support and the research grant program. If you wish to donate, please fill out the form and send it along with your donation to the address below.

In the case of In Memory donations, we often receive donations for SLOS individuals or family members even though the SLOS family has not registered with the Foundation. In order for us to correctly recognize the donor and properly notify the family for which the donation is made, it helps us immensely to have as much information as possible about who is donating and who should receive notice of an In Memory donation for their loved one.
Please fill out as much information on the form as possible.

For families who are requesting In Memory donations be made in honor of their loved one, it helps us to know of the request including your loved one’s name and the relationship to the SLOS individual.

Many companies also offer company matching and provide forms to fill out with contact information.

Please use the address below for the contact information.

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SLO/RSH Foundation
c/o Gretchen Noah
P.O. Box 10598
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